The Latest Microbiology Videos

Good Pipetting Techniques

Source: Mettler Toledo

How to reduce your pipetting errors and get better quality.

Innovative Sample Storage Products – Caps, Tubes and Racks

Source: Micronic Europe B.V.

Video shows overview of several Micronic innovative sample storage products (caps, tubes, racks) and sample handling equipment and accessories. For more information contact: Micronic Europe on +31-320-277070, Micronic America on +1-484-480-3372,.

Best Reagent Reservoirs for Multichannel Pipettes

Source: INTEGRA Biosciences AG

INTEGRA 10ml, 25ml and 100ml Multichannel reagent reservoirs are designed to nest inside each other, making it possible to get twice as many reservoirs in half the space of other products, reducing inventory space requirements and shipping costs..

Good Dispensing Technique

Source: Mettler Toledo

Improve your pipetting accuracy by up to 1% with good dispensing technique. For the highest consistency, touch the vessel wall with the tip while dispensing. Then, touch off by sliding the tip up the wall to remove any liquid clinging to the.

Aspiration – Good Pipetting Technique

Source: Mettler Toledo

Maintaining consistency during aspiration can improve accuracy by up to 5%. To ensure that you are achieving the highest accuracy, use consistent pipetting rhythm from sample to sample as shown here. Find out more at.

Pipette Tip Immersion – Good Pipetting Technique

Source: METTLER TOLEDO Laboratory

See the correct depth to immerse your pipette tip: Immersing the tip to the correct depth will improve your accuracy by up to 5%. Immersing the tip too deeply can cause too much liquid to be aspirated and create bubbles. Conversely, positioning the.

The Orion – a General Purpose Liquid Handling Workstation

Source: NanoScreen LLC

The ORION liquid handling workstation is a general purpose liquid handler that can be used on the bench or in large scale integrated systems. For more information visit.

Dual Bulb Pastette – Simple dispensing of accurate volumes

Source: Alpha Laboratories Ltd

Pastettes® are plastic transfer or Pasteur pipettes. The Dual-Bulb range is easy-to-use and they are ideal for fast measured transfers. With a convenient range of volumes from 20-300µl, they are a quick and easy alternative to pipettes and tips..

Zoom HT microplate washer

Source: Titertek-Berthold

The Zoom HT washer from Titertek-Berthold is a robust, easy-to-use microplate washer designed for speed and throughput. Unique in the market it comes with a built-in microplate stacker that seamlessly shuttles the plates between storage and wash.

Integra – Row direction serial dilutions with the Row Dilution Plate Holder

Source: Integra

The new Row Dilution Plate Holder enables users to perform serial dilutions in rows with VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384. The video gives you a short overview on how to use.