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Software Simplifies Creation of Combinatorial Layouts and Protocols

News article posted in: News, 10-09-2015

The Echo Combination Screen, is a new software application for Labcyte’s Echo® acoustic based liquid handlers. It’s the 6th addition to Labcyte’s suite of software applications for Echo systems, provides a graphical, user-friendly.

Reservoir Plate Allows High-Throughput, Large Volume Reagent Transfers

News article posted in: News, 29-05-2015

Labcyte Inc., have expanded capabilities for the Echo® 525 liquid handler with the introduction of the Echo qualified reservoir, a liquid handler source plate designed to enable convenient assay assembly and efficient large volume reagent.

Award Winning Acoustic Liquid Handling System

News article posted in: News, 04-09-2014

Labcyte Inc., has been recognized by the World Economic Forum for demonstrating the ability to inspire and leverage creativity to develop transformative solutions. The recognition is based on Labcyte’s innovative use of sound energy to transfer.

INTEGRA Handheld 96- & 384-Channel Pipetting

News article posted in: Featured, News, 01-05-2013

Looking to improve this process the lab invested in an INTEGRA VIAFLO 96 handheld electronic pipette to both load the patient samples into the plates and then to transfer the PCR master mix to the reaction.

‘The Ergonomic of Pipetting – Forces are Affected by Pipette Selection’

News article posted in: News, 04-04-2013

Pipetting for just over an hour a day over the course of a year is enough to put you at risk of develeping a Repetitive Strain Inujury (RSI). These risks tend to increase with workload and age. For most scientists pipetting is an unavoidable daily.

Automated Liquid Handling System for Configuring PCR Assays from Hamilton Robotics

News article posted in: News, 03-04-2013

PCR setup STARlet, the first automated liquid handling system flexible enough to accommodate any DNA amplification reagent kit. The PCR setup STARlet is suitable for a wide range of applications such as gene expression, genotyping, sequencing, or.

The First-Ever Large-Volume Acoustic Liquid Handler

News article posted in: News, 19-03-2013

Labcyte’s Echo 525 liquid handler has larger droplet volume enabling more rapid liquid transfers in the microliter range. The latest addition Inc to the Labcyte  Echo® liquid handler product family This innovative product expands Labcyte’s.

Adaptable, Intelligent Automation with Beckman Coulter Biomek 4000 Workstation

News article posted in: News, 19-03-2013

Easy-to-use Platform includes Icon-driven Software, Interchangeable.