Software Simplifies Creation of Combinatorial Layouts and Protocols

The Echo Combination Screen, is a new software application for Labcyte’s Echo® acoustic based liquid handlers. It’s the 6th addition to Labcyte’s suite of software applications for Echo systems, provides a graphical, user-friendly approach to mapping out the complex transfer patterns required for combinatorial assays or screens.

“With 2D or 3D combination screening, the management of pick lists, transfer maps, and plate handling protocols becomes significantly more complex. Echo Combination Screen simplifies the creation of combinatorial layouts and protocols for our revolutionary Echo liquid handlers to save time without limiting flexibility,” said Randy Dyer, Senior Product Manager for software at Labcyte.

Echo Combination Screen includes a built-in tool for designing dose-response curves that automatically converts starting concentrations and dilution factors into transfer and normalization volumes for any curve, allowing users to take full advantage of a direct dilution approach. Users can save individual dose-response curves to a library for use across protocols.  Curves from the library can be used in a graphical layout editor to design combinatorial layouts for assay development, anchor screening, synergistic screening, grid screening, and more.  The software supports multi-concentration curves, single concentration transfers, single agent transfers, pick lists, and control wells.

Labcyte Echo liquid handlers use focused sound energy to dispense precisely-sized droplets in nanoliter increments from a source microplate well to a destination microplate, chip, or similar device. The speed and any-well to anywhere flexibility of Echo liquid handlers have made them a preferred tool in combination screening programs in drug discovery and precision medicine. Customers benefit from Labcyte’s tipless, non-contact technology, which provides unmatched accuracy and precision.  The elimination of plastic tips, reduction of repeated tests, reduced sample and reagent use and general ease of use for Echo systems translate to significant cost savings for users.

Labcyte was recently named a Genedata “Ready to Run” partner. The goal of this program is to deliver out-of-the-box software integration for high-throughput and other types of screening environments.



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