New Performance Robotic Tips – Specially Designed for Robots

Tips specially designed for robotic liquid handling

Having reliable, high quality consumables that fit the instrument well and minimise failures is essential to maintain the efficiency benefits of laboratory automation. The growing use of robotics has transformed the typical workday for many scientists, enabling them to set up, run, and analyse the results of experiments in a fraction of the time previously needed.

Alpha Laboratories’ robotic tips deliver even the smallest volumes precisely with the reassurance of excellent quality and value. They are engineered to meet instrument specifications, ensuring reliable performance day in day out. The new Performance range, incorporates the latest advances in manufacturing technology for demanding applications. These tips are produced from medical grade polypropylene under clean-room conditions and are certifed free from DNA, RNase, ATP and endotoxins. For complete piece of mind, many of these tips are also available sterile.

Current options include tips for Tecan, Qiagen and Beckman/Olympus workstations, plus a wide choice of racks and stacks in new blister packaging for the Hamilton Microlab Star Line.

Choose from either clear (non-conductive) or black (conductive-liquid level sensing) formats for many of the ranges, according to the instrument requirements.

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