MO BIO Laboratories, Inc. Launches the WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide

MO BIO Laboratories, Inc., the leader in high-throughput soil, environmental, fecal, and microbial nucleic acid purification have launched the WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide, for consistent and fatigue-free extraction of liquids from 96 well plates when using a multichannel pipette.

The patent-pending WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide is the latest in innovative tools developed by MO BIO and enables scientists to

  • Increase the consistency of your results – Manually extract the maximum volume of supernatant from 96 well plates without concern about disturbing a pellet, and ensure uniform handling of samples in every well
  • Pipette with no fatigue – Rest your multichannel pipette on top of the WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide for effortless pipetting
  • Increase your throughput without an automated processing system – Convert MO BIO’s PowerMag® magnetic bead kits to manual kits with just a WeLLevator™ and a Magnetic Separator


The WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide enables MO BIO’s PowerMag® line of DNA and RNA isolation kits to be used without the aid of an automated processing system. PowerMag® Kits are available for isolation of nucleic acids from soil, microbial and food cultures, water and air filters, seeds, blood, and fecal samples, as well as for secondary clean-up of inhibited DNA samples.

The WeLLevator™ Pipette Guide is available now.

For more information, visit the MO BIO website ( or call +1 800-606-6246.


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