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Speed up your Sample Transfers with Integra

INTEGRA offers the most cost effective, intuitive, handheld pipettes for automated fluid transfer between differing labware formats: VOYAGER 4 channel, 6 channel, 8 channel and 12 channel adjustable spacing pipettes. The VOYAGER is the first.

Integra Viaflo Optimizes 96 and 384 Well Microplate Filling

Optimizing Workflow with 96- & 384-well Microplates INTEGRA has introduced a Three Position Stage for its VIAFLO 96 and VIAFLO 384 handheld benchtop pipettes. The new accessory expands available stage positions for microplates, reservoirs and.

Integra Viaflo Assist

Improving the Reproducibility of Serial Dilutions Handheld pipetting requires considerable experience and expertise to achieve reproducible results in applications such as serial dilution. Serial dilutions can be difficult to perform reproducibly.

Integra VIAFLO 96/384

Are you reaching the limit with manual multichannel pipettes ? INTEGRA offer an efficient way to increase sample throughput without the expense of a robotic system. The VIAFLO 96 benchtop electronic pipette offers an affordable solution to increase.

Automated Handheld Pipette

The VIAFLO ASSIST is an innovative new device from INTEGRA that, in combination with a VIAFLO II electronic handheld pipette, enables the pipette’s protocols to be performed automatically. reduces the need for traditional handheld pipetting to a.

INTEGRA Lightweight Electronic Pipettes

The new ergonomic design of VIAFLO II electronic pipettes facilitates hours of tireless pipetting ultra lightweight design unsurpassed operational comfort minimal tip loading effort with GripTips 10 predefined pipetting modes 20 personalized custom.